Matheus Cunha

Partner and leading consultant at T4 Compliance

Matheus Cunha is partner and leading consultant at T4 Compliance. Lawyer with over 10 years of experience working for national and multinational companies. He was Deputy Secretary of Transparency and Anti-Corruption in the State of Mato Grosso, responsible for creating and implementing the state Integrity Program, the first for the public sector in Brazil. He was a member of the committee for regulating the Anti-Corruption Law in Mato Grosso. Teacher in Compliance courses at LEC, UCA (Argentina), UFMT and Atame (Cuiabá, MT), FDB (Salvador, BA), Pólis Civitas (Curitiba, PR), and UVV (Vitória, ES). Master of Law from UFMT, where he defended a thesis on “Three-Dimensional Relationship between Corruption, Compliance and Human and Fundamental Rights”. Author of books and articles on compliance, risk management, public and corporate governance. Voted in 2019 LEC On Top survey one of the most admired compliance consultants in Brazil.