Marcelo Tas

Communicator, actor, journalist, screenwriter, TV producer and director

Marcelo Tas is a columnist for CBN Radio, host of the show #Provocações, and commentator for Jornal da Cultura on TV Cultura. Member of the Faculty Council at IBMEC, Head of the Chair of Innovation and Journalism.

A graduate in Civil Engineering of USP, Tas is a communicator, actor, journalist, screenwriter, TV producer and director. With around 13 million followers, he is one of the most celebrated influencers in Brazil. His work includes fictional reporter Ernesto Varela, the children’s series “Rá-Tim-Bum” (TV Cultura), the distance education project “Telecurso” (Fundação Roberto Marinho/TV Globo), the comedy show “CQC” (Band), and hosting the reality show “Batalha Makers” (Discovery).

Marcelo Tas is the creator of “Beco das Palavras”, an installation at the Portuguese Language Museum (São Paulo) and “Humano”, an interactive game at the Museum of Tomorrow (Rio de Janeiro). He has won several awards in Brazil and abroad, including a Fulbright Commission scholarship, when he was a resident artist at the NYU (New York University), United States.